Spokane SEO

Why You Should Hire a Spokane SEO Expert

If you are a local business owner in Spokane and you are looking to grow your business a little, then you will need to put some effort into SEO. Even if you don’t think of your company as an online company, it’s still worth having an online presence, because more and more consumers are using the web to find businesses to shop with, even on the high street.

Good SEO can help you to reach a much larger range of consumers. A Spokane SEO expert won’t just make your website fast loading, easy to navigate and easy for the search engines to understand, they will write good web copy that will provide your visitors with interesting and informative content, and that will also help the search engines to tell which area you are targeting.

A Spokane SEO expert has the local knowledge required to promote your site in the right directories, and on the right blogs, to get attention from shoppers in the area. They can also use articles, infographics and press releases to grow your business, so that you can reach as many people as possible – and have the search engines understand the geographic area you are based in.

Having your address on your website is a good start, and will help to get your site ranking well in Google Maps, but mentioning the locations you serve inside your main copy will go a long way as well. If someone searches for Martial Arts in Waverly, for example, and you actually mention that part of Spokane on your martial arts website, then you’re more likely to rank well than a rival facility that doesn’t explicitly mention which areas they provide services in.

SEO is a complex field. There are technical elements, on-site elements, and off-site issues to consider. For a site to rank well, it must be mobile friendly, and coded using valid markup. Ideally, the site should be hosted not far from where the target audience lives. In addition, the site should load quickly, and the server should have minimal downtime. The content should reflect the subject matter, and be presented in a clear and easy to understand fashion. Semantic markup can be used to help search engines understand the nature of the website, and to categorize all the content.

Search engines use a number of factors to determine which websites are worth listing at the top of the results. The age of the website is one factor, as is the perceived quality of the content. One way that the search engines judge quality of a website is by looking at how many (related) websites link to it. While anyone can go on a link-building spree, it makes sense to get an experienced SEO expert to find quality link sources for you. Taking a scatter-spray, bulk link building approach won’t work, and it could backfire and leave your website facing an algorithmic penalty (or a manual penalty for spam). Don’t take chances with that; do things right from day one.